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Portable pocket: square zipper pouch, double sided

Portable pocket: square zipper pouch, double sided

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Mini, Multi-coloured, Magnificent

Need a portable pouch that is a convenient for carrying small items? This handwoven double-sided Portable Pocket fits into virtually any pocket or bag and is ideal for storing coins, keys, accessories, or small personal items. Its compact size allows you to keep your items safe and organized no matter where you go.


  • Bold colours for easy spotting at he bottom of your bag
  • Eco-friendly as it's created from remnants
  • Made from durable handwoven fabric
  • Easy to feel square, textured pocket in your bag 
  • Keeps your chargers and other cords organised
  • Zipper closure is good for items you wish not to lose like rings, bracelets, earrings
  • Not bulky. It's the perfect size for lipstick, eyeshadow, elastics, hair clips, pills
  • Perfect for keys, usb, or change
  • Versatile for travelling, or on daily commute
  • Fits credit and debit cards perfectly
  • Zipper opening allows you to see contents all at once
  • Limited series gives you the joy of being part of a special club. Once these pouches are gone, they're gone!


Handwoven linen, wool, hand-dyed cotton exterior. 100% hand-dyed cotton lining


Height: 11 cm

Width: 15 cm

Care information

Spot wash recommended

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