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The Patsy tote bag- pink and brown

The Patsy tote bag- pink and brown

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Small and convenient, just the way you like it


The Patsy tote is an ideal laptop bag designed to provide style and ultimate convenience. Its large outer pocket allows you to store additional items and its sturdy construction ensures soft shell protection of your electronics while on-the-go. With an unbeatable combination of features, this tote bag offers seamless portability and reliable protection


  • Perfect size for laptop or tablet
  • Durable hand-dyed felt front 
  • Sturdy cotton lining and backing
  • Large hand-woven pocket for cords, wallets, or your journal
  • Simple design so your items stay organised 
  • Only one pocket so you don't carry too many things
  • Soft shell support for laptop or tablet
  • Eco-friendly as it is made from smaller pieces of handwoven and hand dyed fabric left over from other projects
  • Limited edition allows you to be one of the special few with a Patsy tote bag


wool, cotton, wool felt


Height: 34 cm

Width: 30 cm

Care information

spot wash recommended

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