Being Creative While Travelling

Being Creative While Travelling

Staying creative while on vacation is important to me. I often find it challenging to feel like I have enough to do while I am away. I am not someone who likes to just sit, unless I am at the beach. And even then I like to have the option to read, knit, draw, or paint. I don't always find a book ideal for air travel, or airports. There is too much outside noise to have a pleasant experience. Because of that, knitting has always been my go to. A knitting project can be very small, and easy to work on in confined spaces like a plane, or sitting in a chair at the airport.

I found on a recent trip when I brought travel sized watercolour paints, and a small sketch book I was unable to commit enough time to really do any substantial drawing or painting. This year I am have decided to change it up. As I get ready for a trip to Guatemala, I have a list in the back of my head of things I need to pack. At the top of my list is a loom!

In the New Year I invested in a wee loom that is light weight and sturdy. It's perfect for travelling. Over the next few days I will warp it up, design a simple outline, choose some yarn and put them in the pile of travel essentials. With a design already drawn and the colours decided weaving a small tapestry will be fun to do. What I have to decide is whether or not to bring some extra linen for a second warp incase I finish one tapestry and have time to start another.

This will be the first time I will not travel with knitting in many years. But I'm not worried. I love weaving and am excited to be able to weave while I am away. I will enjoy the challenge of working within confined parameters of such a small loom and a limited colour scheme. This loom is even convenient enough to take to the beach. 

Going to a place steeped in textile tradition and history is definitely a bonus. I am sure I will find lots of inspiration and supplies, if I need them. I may even do a search before I go to see where yarn is available nearby. I am sure all the local yarn will be hand spun and hand dyed expertly. 

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