Maximizing Your Creative Potential

Maximizing Your Creative Potential

I always thought if I could find a way to support myself creatively I would be happy. Having started a creative business, I am torn between handwoven upholstery and tapestry weaving. I still have not quit my day job, so I do not have a full time creative business.

I do love giving new life to old furniture with handwoven upholstery fabric. I also love working on tapestries inspired by many things. But, I am not sure I have found my passion. The extra handwoven upholstery fabric makes me feel the need to create functional products, otherwise I would have tons of remnant fabrics sitting collecting dust. These few things: wanting to weave fabric, upholstering furniture, and having remnant fabric were what pushed me into developing my business. But, the push and pull between being productive with business stuff and weaving conceptual tapestries has created a real struggle. It is often very difficult to prioritize between the two. They are two very different approaches to the textile world. Each have satisfying aspects to them, but I do not feel a stronger pull in either direction.  

I have a calendar dedicated to my creative business. The days I am not at my day job are split up into various tasks. There are to-do lists for every single day that do not include being creative in any way. On my calendar I have days planned for the tapestry weaving. I plan product making days. I plan upholstery days.I have product design days. There are plans for weaving fabric for personal upholstery projects. I include my house project plans to stay organized and on top of things. I plan for writing exhibition and grant proposals. I get side tracked by house projects that take much longer than anticipated. I get side tracked by all the half finished products I haven't finished creating for one reason or another. I get side tracked by day job responsibilities. I get side tracked by trying to always have fresh and interesting ideas to present on social media. 

With always being busy, I often don't get to stop and think about where my passion really lies. I'm not sure it is in just one thing. along with weaving, I love making collages, and creating books and screen printing. All of which I am still trying to fit into my schedule. 
I am contemplating a course in surface design. I've contemplated not continuing with my business and focusing solely on making for me.  

I've been told "Do what you are passionate about and people will come". I'm trying to decide if this statement is important or not. Making beautiful things gives me satisfaction. I would love if owing things I create brought others joy too, but maximizing creative potential is harder than it sounds. How does one decide what is most important?

Do you mix your passion with supporting yourself financially? What is your creatively passionate business?

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