Encouraging the young mind

Encouraging the young mind

As children we were not allowed to watch much TV. We didn’t have cable, which meant we only had 3 channels. I don’t remember minding this too much. I think it allowed us to develop a strong sense of ourselves and activities we liked. We all now do lots of activities that do not rely on sitting on the couch and watching TV. I am not saying it is a bad thing to do, I binge watch series like everyone else. It’s nice to turn your brain off sometimes, but it is not my only go-to for down time. The activities I enjoy were instilled at a young age. We were sent outside for the day. That was really for the day. We came home for lunch, and were back out again. We usually had to be called in for supper, as we were more interested in staying in the woods, or playing games with our friends.

On rainy days, I was most likely found colouring, painting, reading, or playing with my barbies. These interested developed my love of hiking, gardening, camping, reading, drawing and sewing. It isn't just me. My siblings are the same. They all have interests that are not based on vegging out in front of a television screen. We are all active, creative and constructive critical thinkers.  

I have to commend my parents for encouraging us to be imaginative and active in an era where many children got plunked in front of a television to be entertained. 

What do you do in your down-time? I welcome comments below!

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