I hate pink - at least I used to

I hate pink - at least I used to

I consider myself well rounded. When I was growing up I was athletic. I was a figure skater, a soccer player, and a decent runner. I loved Barbies, dress up and dolls. I played with GI-Joe, Tonka Trucks, and had a collection of Hot Wheels. I loved drawing, colouring, collaging, and painting, but I hated pink. I disliked dresses and skirts and anything deemed feminine. Most of all I hated pink.

As I've grown, and travelled, and lived abroad; I have come to learn there are no true feminine or masculine colours. It is a cultural bias in North America that we choose colour to represent gender. In other cultures and countries, along with every other colour, boys and men wear pink. They have pink accessories and will even have pink as a favourite colour. 

Recently, I have developed an appreciation for pink. It all started when I chose to buy a pink hoodie. I had lots of colours to choose from, but my decision was pink! Now I find myself getting ready to knit a pink beanie and weave upholstery fabric for my couch that is pink and red. Who knows, the accent chair may end up pink too! It certainly isn't my favourite colour, but it has slowly made its way into my colour roster.

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