I have working hands

I have working hands

I have always noticed while reading or watching period pieces,  how the phrase "soft hands" is used to describe characters from the upper class. I find it interesting that an individual's class was suggested by the state of their hands. Mostly, because I have working hands. It is obvious I am not from the upper crust.

On a regular basis my hands have cuts, scratches, and broken or uneven nails. I have scars from previous accidents. I fortunately still have all my digits, but I am rough on my hands. 
I am not sure if it is because I am a tactile person, but I hate wearing any protective gear on my hands. Gloves diminish any interaction with fibre or texture. They impede my experience with the world. Knowing how something feels and interacts is important to our understands of how the world works. We gain a lot of information from touch. 

There were many times, while renovating a house years ago, I would show up at work as a bar tender with my hands in terrible condition. They were either covered in paint I couldn't remove, or spray foam or just wounds from the day. My boss was always dismayed and one day,  gave me gloves to wear. They were cumbersome and white. Not only did I feel awkward serving drinks while adjusting the oversized gloves the entire evening, I had to be very cautious not to spill anything on them! Yet, I did not learn my lesson. 

I do not wear gloves when moving furniture; I like to know I have a good grip. I do not wear gloves while gardening; I like to feel the dirt in my hands and under my nails. I do not wear gloves while painting; generally the paint comes off.  In college, I didn't wear gloves while dyeing. The gloves never fit properly and how do you untie a knot with gloves on? Plus, the colour faded after about a week. 

I know it is beneficial for me to take care of my hands. I depend on my hands for everything I do. I don't feel that I take them for granted, but I don't really take care of my hands. I never get a manicure, I don't do hand scrubs or deep soaks. I rarely even moisturize them.  Maybe deep down I like having gnarly hands?

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