Keeping creativity alive

Keeping creativity alive


Most people think it is easy being an artist or creator- being creative means you can do what you want when you want. Ever hear of writer's block? Visual artists, crafters, and creative minds of any kind can suffer from this. My friend and I call it "why bother" days, weeks, or months. With having had to work a regular job my entire adult life, my creative flow gets interrupted often and for very long periods of time. Sometimes to the point that I am intimidated to get back into the studio. Even when I feel I have legitimate ideas and projects to explore or work on, the motivation is not there and the why bother blues settle in.

Moving and getting used to a new environment also impacts a creative mind greatly. The process of setting up new studio space can be inspiring, but it can also be exhausting. Finding your groove in a new space can take time and patience. 

Loss is a big creative block for me. A lot of creative people are able use their grief to create a body of work. The process of art aids them in getting through their sadness. This is not true for me. I lose all initiative.

Some artists treat their creativity like a job. They have a schedule and routine they use, even when they don't feel like it. They constantly produce, even when they don't want to. This business-like attitude is very successful for a lot of creatives. However, most of us struggle. We struggle to find balance, inspiration and we fight with the "why bother" conundrum.

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