Our fear of colour

Our fear of colour

There is a big trend out there, especially in Europe. The use of strong bright colours and bold patterns in home decor is raging, and it's beautiful! The phrase "less is more" need not apply here. I have found several instagram accounts dedicated to these wild interior spaces, and @interioreccentic is probably my favourite. They feature interiors from all over the globe and all of them are stunning and daring. 

So, what's the catch? why hasn't this trend caught on in North America? Why do we seem to be afraid of "getting our colour on?" In North America, generally we stick to safe colour combinations that are neutral and don't rock the boat. For some reason we don't favour striking colours or textures. Maybe we aren't taught how to use colour successfully, therefore we are afraid of it? In recent years gray has become more and more popular and doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. I see house enteriors that are painted completely in gray tones.  The furniture is also mainly gray, with maybe an accent chair in a muted red or blue. 

There is a theory that bright colours go out of style, that they can be busy or even stressful. Neutrals are safe, but they lack excitement and stimulus; they can be depressing.

I love colour. I love texture and I love combining the two. Much of the fabric I weave is bright and bold. Sometimes I feel pressured to use more conventional colour combinations, but I find it too drab.

Successful combing of neutral and bright colours is a great compromise. But I would love to see more folks go all out!

Bring the colour pop!

some hashtags to follow: #mycolourfulupcycle #colourpop, #colourfulinteriors, #colorfulinteriors

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