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Diamonds are forever

It wasn't until lately that I noticed I have made a lot of fabric with diamond motifs. I designed a repeat pattern years ago for printed fabric that focused on diamond shapes. At the time I was experimenting with colour and the effect of layering. The diamond shape was a subconscious choice, and it worked well. In weaving, a traditional birds eye  pattern is one of my favourites. It is a repeat of a diamond symbol. It is a simple, durable fabric, and is effective in two colours. There are many variations on the bird's eye pattern and I love them all. 

Recently, I noticed that the printed fabric I created 20 years ago is the same basic outline as the first pattern I chose to weave for the couch fabric. Although I didn't design the weave pattern, I was drawn to it. When I was in Peru last May, I wanted something small and portable as a souvenir. I decided to buy a ring. I looked at several places and finally settled on one with an inlay of colourful diamond shapes. It was another subconscious choice, but I love it. And after doing what feels like a million samples, the choice for the "new" couch fabric is also-you guessed it- a diamond pattern. 

There are many cultures that cherish the diamond shape. The origin of the meaning of a diamond comes from Ancient Greece where the Greeks would refer to them as "adamas", which means invincible. Ancient Greeks would wear diamonds in battle as a symbol of strength and with the belief that the diamonds would make them unconquerable. 

While traveling in Cambodia years ago I noticed most of the fabric designs they create use diamond motifs. Not just woven fabrics, but dyed fabrics too. I was told by a seller that in Cambodia the diamond motif is a symbol of royalty. I have never found written proof of this, but I will continue loving and using diamonds in my work not only because they are great shapes, but also because they are symbols of strength and durability and power.

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I love your new ring–it’s beautiful! And I didn’t know the meaning behind the diamond shape in different cultures…how very interesting.


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