The big clash theory

The big clash theory

Colours do not clash. All colours exist in nature, so how can they clash. Pink is a combination of red mixed with white, so how can they clash?

I feel like it was the 50s house wife that was told certain colours were not acceptable to use together: “blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine”, or “blue and green should be never seen without a colour in between”. I can't imagine not using blue and green as a colour combination on there own, or that they were considered clashing colours. To clash is defined as a mismatch of colours. All colours exist in nature, so how can any of them clash? Blue is the colour of sky and green the colour of tree leaves and grass. When you look at the earth from space it is a blue and green sphere. I don't understand how the colours were ever considered to clash. As much as blue and green have become acceptable and even popular together, I still hear people talking about how they would never use or wear pink and red at the same time because they clash. Red and Pink are one of my favourite colour combinations. I have never considered them to clash mainly because they share a base colour. Pink is just red mixed with white. If pink and red share a colour in common, how can they be a mismatch of colour? Green is blue mixed with yellow. If green and blue come from the same origin, how was it conceivable that they clashed?

I stand by my belief that colours do not clash. You will continue to see me using pink and red together, and all colours in an array of combinations regardless to their past life as clashing colours.


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