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Handwoven Tapestry Wall Hanging

Handwoven Tapestry Wall Hanging

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This Tapestry, titled Nothing Left, is part of a series called A Mind's Eye View: The Monster SeriesThis body of work is an exploration of three mediums: drawing, textiles, and photography. Since the drawings were done as blind contours, the images end up looking askew, and somewhat monstrous. Yet curiously, there are still recognizable elements of me. I decided to re-create the drawings as tapestries and add elements of reality with photo transfer. It was compelling to work in different mediums and process. The first being very fluid, expressive, and quick, while the second was rigid, time consuming, and unforgiving. In the end, this body of work conveys both the beauty and the ugliness inseparable from one's psyche and self-image.

Dimensions: 30cm x 41cm, 12” x 16”: 


wool, rayon chenille, cotton, linen, heat transfer on silk, beads, and thread. Mounted on MDF and framed with a black floating frame


Height: 41 cm

Width: 30 cm

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