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The Patsy tote bag- black and red

The Patsy tote bag- black and red

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A small bag with a big pocket

Don’t like to be burdened with a large heavy bag? The Patsy has your back-literally! You won’t be feeling any lower back pain with this smaller bag with a big pocket. It’s just the right size for your essentials, plus a little more


  • Perfect size for carrying laptop or tablet
  • Durable hand-dyed felt front 
  • Sturdy cotton lining and backing
  • Large hand-woven pocket for cords, wallets, your sketch book, or journal
  • Simple design so your items stay organised 
  • Only one pocket so you don't carry too many things
  • Soft shell support for electronics
  • Eco-friendly as it is made from smaller pieces of handwoven and hand dyed fabric left over from other projects
  • Limited edition allows you to be one of the special few with a Patsy tote bag


cotton, and wool felt


Height: 34 cm

Width: 29 cm

Care information

spot wash recommended

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